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The city extraordinary city of Malacca is divided into new and old sections. The older part of the city is fairly compact and has many historical and cultural attractions tucked into the nooks and crannies of its narrow streets whilst the new section of town lies across the Malacca River and is mostly built on land reclaimed from the ocean and consists of modern shopping centres and known for its bustling food and entertainment outlets.

The city came to prominence in the 16th century when the Portuguese exploited its strategic location and developed the town into one of the world’s greatest trading ports. The Dutch took over from the Portuguese and they also left their architectural and cultural marks on the city. An easy to follow sign-posted walking heritage trail takes in all the key historical sites in the old part of town. The cultural importance of the city, located approximately 90 minutes south of KL, was recognised by UNESCO when it was granted World Heritage status in mid 2008.

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Each room is sumptuously appointed, in an elegant combination of luxury, tradition and modernity. Bespoke furnishings call to mind the glory days of old Malacca, while floor to ceiling windows framed by silk drapes bathe the room with soft light. Standing on warm timber floors is an inviting four poster bed finished in rich teak and dressed in cool cottons with an ornate silk runner. A matching silk-upholstered chaise lounge provides a cosy spot to gaze out over the river and let your imagina...

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