Morocco - North Atlantic Coast

Forget the romance of the film, Casablanca is one of the largest cities in Africa, a vast, sprawling metropolis at the heart of Morocco’s industry and commerce.

The modern city, however, belies its colourful history, which can be traced back to the Roman and Phoenician traders and has been shaped by Portuguese, Spanish and French colonial powers. For first time visitors to Morocco, Casablanca offers a rude awakening, a city renowned for its traffic, noise and daily grind. That said, it is not without its attractions. Though smaller than Fez or Marrakech, the old medina has been revitalised, the walls repaired, the clock tower restored and it is well worth a visit. However, the highlight, without doubt, is the Hassan II Mosque, the 3rd largest in the world which can hold up to 25,000 worshippers and a further 80,000 within its courtyard.

Casablanca – Luxury Collection

Four Seasons Casablanca$$$$$

With architectural marvels both historic and modern, a cutting-edge art scene and world-class restaurants. Crisp, smart, with lots of suave and marble, this compact hotel is more European than Moroccan in feel, but has Moroccan motifs elegantly integrated into the decor, creating a quietly sophisticated ambience makes the Four Seasons in Casablanca a true luxurious experience in the city and a must stay.

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Casablanca Hotels

Sofitel Casablanca$$$$

The 24-storey hotel is the second largest building in the city. For smaller events, the hotel has a rooftop bar, Le 24, also designed for tailored private celebrations. Located close to the Medina, the port and the ocean, Sofitel Casablanca Tour Blanche offers an exceptional setting for business or leisure stays to discover Casablanca, a lively, active and creative city and why it’s a choice of ours.

This is just one of the hotels that we recommend in this area. If your favourit...

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