Erg Chebbi

Morocco - Saharan Morocco

Shifting dunes over 28km from north to south and reaching heights of 160m, Erg Chebbi may be a modest example compared with the vast sand seas of Algeria, Libya and Namibia, but it is extraordinarily picturesque.

The rose gold dunes rise dramatically above a pancake-flat, black hammada and glimmer in stunning shades of pink, orange and violet as the afternoon sun descends.

Erg Chebbi Hotels

Kam Kam Dunes$$$$

At the heart of the Sahara Desert, the traveller is immersed in a stunning natural landscape. Kam Kam dunes is a nomadic camp equipped with Twelve main tents -traditional nomadic Berber tents- built with organic dromedary leather and handmade by local artisans. Each tent has a private bathroom with hot water shower and the possibility to accommodate two or three adults. Kam Kam Dunes are not only exclusive tents. The camp has a dining tent and a chill-out area with views over Erg Chebbi. Enjo...

Kam Kam Dunes

Merzouga Luxury Desert Camp$$$

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