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Mount Popa

Just an hour’s drive from Bagan is the curious Mount Popa. The mountain rises 1500 metres above sea-level and immediately adjacent to Popa Mountain is Popa Taungkalat, a rather odd looking volcanic plug. Sitting on top of this plug is a monastic shrine, home to the 37 Nat-spirits which are the focus of Myanmar’s pre-Buddhist animist religion. To reach the summit you must climb the 777 steps, but don’t worry they are mostly shaded and the view from the top is splendid. Pilgrims have been visiting the shrine for over 700 years and in our opinion it is one of the most fascinating places in the country.

Mount Popa Hotels

$$$$ Mount Popa Resort Mount Popa

Character Boutique, Directors favourites, Remote Location

Located a 45 minute drive beyond Bagan’s landscape of pagodas lies the geologic and cultural anomaly known as Mount Popa. Uniquely, because the resort sits perched on the half way up the 5000ft...

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