Walvis Bay

Namibia - Central Namibia

Called the Bay of Whales, Walvis Bay is situated on the Atlantic coast. The largest deep-sea harbour in Namibia was discovered by the Portuguese sailor Diaz, who explored the West African coast from 1482 to 1489 and sailed into the bay for the first time in 1487.

Dependant on seasonal workers for the dominant fishing industry, Walvis Bay is the third largest town of Namibia and is known for its high-quality fish, oysters and rock lobsters.

Take a boat trip along the coast to view dolphins and seals, and the spot for impressive tail fins of whales.

For bird, enthusiasts visit the 10-kilometre long lagoon of Sandwich Harbour’s natural lagoon, where more than 120,000 birds have been counted, including pelicans and flamingos.

Walvis Bay Hotels

Pelican Point Lodge$$$

Pelican Point Lodge is situated on a unique stretch of land, the remote peninsula of Pelican Point at Walvis Bay. From your own private deck, expect to enjoy the antics of hundreds of seals surfing the ocean waves, or just their basking in the sun, spot the dolphin’s, whales and mola-mola, hearing the distinctive call of the jackal roaming close by the lodge, observing their playful nature. Witness spectacular flocks of Damara-terns, cormorants and flamingo’s flying or feeding in the more...

Pelican Point Lodge
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