Discover traces of prehistoric Africa in engravings, paintings, stone mules, and dinosaur cemeteries in a land filled with contrasts between the Sahara Desert and River Niger.

Marked in the North by the Saharan sands, the Sudanese zone in the southwest, with a broad Sahel strip stretching between Niamey to Lake Chad, Niger is the entryway to sub-Saharan Africa.

More than half of this area is covered by desert. In the distant past, the country was fertile, and a population existed revealed in numerous engraved paintings and the beautiful drawings from the Aïr Massif.

Niger boasts a colourful mosaic of peoples and landscapes. It encompasses the entrancing Sahara Desert, the majestic river that gave the country its name, and the W National Park, and you will return with stories of warm and generous people living in captivating caravan cities at the edge of the Sahara.

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