This Venetian harbour town is backed by the dramatic wooded hills of Beşparmak Mountains. Next to the harbour, you will discover an ancient castle of uncertain origins, probably built by the Byzantines in the 7th century, Richard the Lionheart conquered it in 1191 on his way to Jerusalem, only to lose it to the Lusignans, the Venetians, the Ottomans and eventually the British, who used it as a prison.

Within the Castle, you will delight at this small museum housing the preserved wreck of a wooden merchant ship dating to 306 BC, found off the coast of Kyrenia in 1967. The cargo of 400 amphorae filled with olives and almonds was still relatively intact.

You will discover on your journey, Lonely churches peeking out amid wild-flowered slopes and fields of gnarled olive trees marching across the coastline. This bite-sized region renowned for its history, and there is potential for hiking, turtle-spotting, orchid-hunting and birdwatching. The trails are gloriously quiet; a perfect incentive to get your walking shoes on and discover them before everyone else does.

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