- Northern Sudan

This dusty town is the centre for a market where people come from the surrounding districts to sell and shop twice a week.

However very close to Karima, and only a couple of kilometres to the south lies the main centre of the Kushite Kingdom and the vast Temple of Amun. The temple stands near a bend in the Nile River, in the region called Nubia in ancient times.

The Temple of Amun, one of the largest temples at Jebel Barkal lies at the foot of this magnificent isolated red sandstone mountain considered sacred to the local population. Not only was the Amun temple the leading centre of what at one time was thought to be an almost universal religion, but it was also representative of the revival of Egyptian religious values at the base of the holy mountains of Jebel Barkal.

This Landmark in the Nubian Desert can be seen from dozens of kilometres while still in the open desert. Besides the ruins of the temple, several sculptured granite rams were considered to be part of a border on a long avenue that probably led to the pier on the Nile. These Napatean archaeological sites are listed as World Heritage by UNESCO.

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