Hamar is a bustling city on the eastern shores of Mjøsa, Norway’s largest lake. Most of the lake’s shores are occupied by rolling agricultural lands, including some of Norway’s most fertile land.

The ruins of the 950-year-old Hamar Cathedral can be found on the headland Domkirkeodden. In 1998, an impressive steel and glass cover was erected to protect the cathedral’s ruins. The protective building is Europe’s most significant glass construction, covering an area of 2,600 square meters. The ruins are part of Hedmarksmuseet, which provides insights into the history of the Viking era, the Middle Ages, and the present.

Hamar Hotels

Hotel Victoria Hamar$$

The hotel forms part of Victoriakvartalet, Hamar’s entertainment complex comprising restaurants and bars, theatre, concert venues, and function, conference and cultural event spaces. In the building next door is Matkvartalet, Innlandet’s new food destination, with food trucks, brewery, coffee roastery, butcher, grocery/cheese shop, and restaurants. Victoria Hotel Hamar, which is located just 80 meters from the railway station, offers fantastic views of Lake Mjøsa. It is the oldest hotel ...

Hotel Victoria Hamar

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