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Situated right next to the river in the middle of the city center, the Radisson Blu makes a picturesque and convenient accommodation for visitors looking to explore this beautiful Norwegian city. You can easily walk or bike around the city, to reach popular attractions within minutes, such as the Nidaros Cathedral, also known as Nidarosdomen, The Old Town Bridge, and the historic Bakklandet old town.

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Trondheim – Luxury Collection

Britannia Hotel$$$$

Established in 1870, the Britannia has a rich history as the hub of mid-Norway. An iconic hotel with a storied past, serving Arctic explorers, politicians, royalty and celebrities. For 150 years, Britannia has been a destination for fine dining, elegant hospitality and special occasions. Following a three-year dramatic $150 million renovation, the Britannia re-opened in April 2019. Bespoke furnishings and textiles, fine linens, and marble bathrooms adorn the bright guest rooms and suites. And...

Britannia Hotel

Other Trondheim Hotels

Scandic Nidelven$$$

Scandic Nidelven is located in the heart of Trondheim, Norway. This hotel is known for its stunning views of the Nidelven River and its excellent amenities. With 349 well-appointed rooms, Scandic Nidelven is the perfect choice for travelers looking for a comfortable and stylish stay. The hotel boasts of its modern and elegant design, which blends seamlessly with Trondheim’s rich history and culture. Whether you’re visiting for business or leisure, Scandic Nidelven has everything y...

Scandic Nidelven
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