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  • Wahiba Sands
  • Wahiba Sands
  • Wahiba Sands


Wahiba Sands

South of Ibra stretches the magnificent Wahiba Sands. This is the desert you’ve always imagined, sculpted by the wind into delicately moulded crests and hollows.  There are no permanent settlements, although some local Bedu live in ramshackle temporary camps, on the southern fringes of the sands around Al Ashkharah.

Wahiba Sands Hotels

$$$ Desert Nights Camp Wahiba Sands

Character Boutique, Remote Location

Surrounded by endless sprawling red gold dunes, Desert Nights Camp is an intimate 5-star hotel in the Wahiba Sands to stay, share secrets, and to relax. Retreat to your private Bedouin style tent...

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