Ras al-Jinz

Oman - Northern Oman

Thirty-Five kilometres from Sur at the easternmost point of the Arabian Peninsula, lies a unique natural landscape of golden deserts, unspoiled shorelines, lush green oases and rugged mountains.

Ras Al Jinz is world renowned for the nesting of the endangered green turtle-Cheloniamydas and has the most critical nesting concentration on the Indian Ocean.

Walk across the sands, outlined in the moonlight, to the edge of the waves, and you will see the ghostly silhouettes of green turtles emerging from the surf. Having found a suitably sheltered spot, the turtles begin digging, scooping out clouds of sand with their flippers to create a sizeable hole where they lay their eggs. At daybreak, as the sun rises, reveals the beautiful, cliff-fringed beach dotted with the tremendous humped outlines of departing turtles, making their way down to the water’s edge before disappearing, exhausted, into the waves.

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