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  • Darien National Park
  • Darien National Park
  • Darien National Park


Darien National Park

Darién National Park, a world heritage site, about 325 kilometres from Panama City, is the most extensive of all national parks and one of the most important world heritage sites in Central America. Best known for the fabled and infamous Darien Gap, a 100-kilometre-long stretch of land dividing the otherwise longest stretch of driveable road between Alaska and Argentina, forms a natural bridge spanning North and South America.

Taking a few days to explore the remote jungles of this region can be hugely rewarding. Rich in birdlife, some of the most unique and rare plant species are found here, with wildlife including the elusive jaguar, anteater, sloth, howler, and spider monkey. The picturesque coastline of the Darien Province hugs the Pacific Ocean and is known as one of the best deep-sea fishing destinations.