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What better way to experience the pristine beauty, remote Inca ruins and stunning wildlife of Peru than by drifting, paddling or even tumbling along Peru’s glacier-fed Andean rivers and lakes!

The glacier-topped mountains of the Peruvian Andes are home some of the finest white water rafting in the Americas. From the Inca capital Cusco, the venerated Rio Urubamba flows through the heart of the picturesque Sacred Valley and offers gentle grade 3+ rapids to suit beginners to experts alike.

For more exhilarating paddling, the magnificent Apurimac roars through the nearby canyons and is a glorious stretch of white-water amidst wild, breathtaking scenery and rare wildlife from otters and condors to even puma. Further afield, visitors can kayak at the heights of Lake Titicaca to drift down the jungle cloaked channels of the steamy Amazon.

At Oasis Travel, we work with the very best adventure operators in Peru and can offer everything from simple half-day trips to longer dedicated rafting/paddling itineraries. Please contact us for more information.

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