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Sit back, relax and watch the world drift by on the sumptuous Belmond Andean Explorer, South America’s first luxury sleeper train and one of the highest rail journeys in the world!

The classic Belmond Andean Explorer train runs across the roof of Peru from Arequipa to Lake Titicaca and beyond to the Inca capital Cusco, passing wide rivers valleys, sleepy Quechuan villages and the huge open expanse of the Peruvian altiplano. For Australian train enthusiasts, the Andean Explorer holds special meaning for look closely and you may recognise it as the former Great South Pacific Express which ran for 14 years between Sydney and Kuranda, Cairns before being shipped to the Americas. At capacity, the train holds 48 passengers accommodated in 24 private en-suite cabins which include 2 Deluxe, 6 Junior, 11 Twin and 5 Bunk Bed. The cabins are naturally cosy but dressed in classic vintage tones with a hint of contemporary colour and traditional, hand-woven textiles.

Fine dining is integral to the experience and the 2 elegant restaurant carriages the perfect backdrop for savouring the carefully created menus that showcase the distinctive flavours of the Andes. Further services include a spa, observation carriage and lounge car. Although not cheap, there is no better way to cross the Peruvian highlands than by train where stunning landscapes are matched by first class service and food. That said – a word of warning: with only one departure a week, book well in advance!

The Andean Explorer operates one and two night itineraries with weekly departures from Cusco, Puno an Arequipa.

Cusco – Puno – Arequipa
2 nights
The Peruvian Highlands journey departs every Thursday morning.

Arequipa – Puno – Cusco
2 nights
The Andean Plains and Islands of Discovery journey departs every Saturday night.

Puno – Cusco
1 night
The Spirit of the Andes journey departs every Wednesday and Sunday.

Cusco – Puno
1 night
The Spirit of the Water journey departs every Tuesday and Thursday.

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