Saint Pierre

Reunion - Classic Reunion

Saint-Pierre beach launches itself into a lagoon that is protected from the turbulence of the Atlantic Ocean.

It may not have the reputation of the Ermitage lagoon; it’s still a fabulous place to sit and watch the waves or take to the water and is an excellent spot for snorkelling. After two minutes, you will be swimming among school’s of fish and invertebrates in a spectacular coral setting.

Choose the bathing area, shown by buoys where the first few metres are sandy, and the lagoon is cleared of sea urchins once a day. The depth is only up to a metre, and you will discover, Picasso triggerfish, fiercely protecting their nests.

On your right, there are two hundred meters of beach, its here you will find the best snorkelling and explore the inner lagoon, from the beach to the barrier reef.

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