National Parks of Romania

Romania - Banat & Crisana

Semenic – Caras Gorge National Park
The National Park Semenic – Caras Gorge can be found in the southwestern region of Romania, within the Caras-Severin county. It is in the southern part of Banat, a historical region known for its highlands called “Banat Mountain.” This park spans 36,214 hectares with altitudes ranging between 200 and 1447 meters. Visitors can enjoy the park’s natural elements, such as its impressive flora, hydrological, geological, and cave features. The park boasts a typical karst landscape and wooded areas, making it a popular tourist attraction. Additionally, the park has eight nature reserves, which are strictly protected to preserve their unique natural features. Caras Gorge is Romania’s longest and wildest gorge, known for its spectacular surface karst.

Nera – Beuşniţa National Park
The park is vast, covering 36,758 hectares in the southern area of the Anina Mountains and part of the northern Locvei Mountains. The park features the karst area in the middle of river Nera, which serves as the backbone of the park. Among the most breathtaking natural wonders in the park is the Bigar waterfall. Situated within the Nature Reserve Nera-Beusnita on Minis Valley between Anina and Bozovici, it has been declared by The World Geography as the most stunning waterfall worldwide. The park is also home to other impressive natural landmarks such as Lacul Dracului (Devil’s Lake), Ochiul Beiului, Beusnitei, Susara and Vaioaga waterfalls, flying wooden bridges, Calugara Monastery, and tunnels of Dealul Caraula.

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