Romania - Dobrogea

According to historian Eusebius, Greek colonists from Milet established Histria on the shore of the Black Sea around 657 BC. Over the course of 13 centuries, Histria evolved, but in the 7th century AD, it was destroyed during the Slavic and Avar invasions.

However, the city was soon rebuilt. In 70 BC, Roman armies appeared in the area, and a few years later, the Dacian king Burebista conquered the city. Excavations have revealed a sacred area with temples dedicated to Zeus and Aphrodite. A plateau with a civil area, thermal buildings, and a network of streets, markets, shops, and residential areas has also been discovered. At a micro level, numerous sculptures, construction materials, inscriptions, ceramics, glass, and metal objects have been found, which can be seen at the Castle Museum.

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