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The Gran Hotel Miramar Resort and Spa is located in the La Caleta area, between Paseo de Reding avenue and the sea front, just five minutes from the city`s top museums, including the Picasso, Carmen Thyssen, Centre Pompidou and Hermitage. With the principal entrance facing the Mediterranean Sea, it offers marvelous views over the Bay of Malaga.

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Palacio Solecio$$$

Known as the Palacio Marqués de la Sonora, Palacio Solecio is an historic building from the eighteenth century that has been renovated in keeping with its original architectural and artistic style. The palace was the property of Félix Solesio, from Genoa, who settled in Malaga to run the Real Fábrica de Naipes in Macharaviaya, established in 1776 on the orders of José de Gálvez, Minister of the Indies from the Court of Charles III of Spain and the Marquess of Sonora. Upstairs and down, b...

Palacio Solecio
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