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Expertly hidden down one of the narrowest alleyways in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, you’d be forgiven for walking right past the Wittmore and never knowing it was there. Once you step through the doors, the plush, red velvet interiors, dim lighting, and adults-only policy immediately make you feel like you’re a member of a secret, private club.

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Barcelona – Luxury Collection

Hotel Bagués$$$$$

This intimate boutique hotel not only houses a museum showcasing the beautiful modernist Art Nouveau jewellery of Bagués Masriera but also displays an exclusive piece of Masriera jewellery in each hotel bedroom. You could say, this is a real gem of a hotel. From the terra cotta and white painted façade complete with pink stucco work to the sophisticated Madagascar ebony panelled walls and wardrobes in the rooms, this is a delightfully chic place to stay. The hotel’s location could not be ...

Hotel Bagués

Other Barcelona Hotels

Hotel Granados 83$$$

The main courtyard lies under a spectacular glass roof, and around it is situated 77 luxury rooms and duplex suites with pools and semi-private terraces. In the loft-style rooms, all furnishings are covered in phosphorescent iron plating to create visual and tactile consistency. Here, Asian pieces of art soften the high-tech facilities and ultramodern materials. A soothing social buzz prevails in Granados 83’s public areas. Images are constantly projected onto the walls, giving one a sense ...

Hotel Granados 83
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