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Adam’s Peak is located in a picturesque area of the southern hill country about 2 hours drive from Hatton.

The peak has a few names depending on beliefs – Adam’s peak after the place where Adam first set foot on earth after being thrown out of heaven, Sri Pada – which means sacred footprint after the footprint left by Buddha as headed to paradise and Samanalakande – Butterfly Mountain. Each year during the months of December through to May, many locals and tourists embark on a pilgrimage up the peak through the night to arrive at the top of the holy mountain in time for sunrise which is a pretty spectacular sight.

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Ceylon Tea Trails$$$$$

There are twenty rooms and suites divided amongst the four bungalows which are set between 4kms and 15 kms apart adding to the seclusion and exclusivity. Each house has a private swimming pool and comes with its own chef, butler and manager. For families or small groups travelling together a great option is to book a bungalow in its entirety. Dining is an extravagant affair at The Ceylon Tea Trails with a private chef assigned to each bungalow who will discuss your preferences on arrival and ...

Ceylon Tea Trails

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Camellia Hills$$$$

Castlereagh Reservoir is a mesmerising island-dotted lake surrounded by steeply rising hills planted with impossibly neat rows of vivid green tea, around 18-kilometres from the market town of Hatton. Hidden in amongst this emerald jaw-dropping scenery are century-old tea factories, gushing waterfalls, colonial-era churches and colourful Hindu shrines. There are just five very individual timber-floored bedrooms at Camellia Hills. Each gaze through picture windows over the Castlereagh Reservoir...

Camellia Hills
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