Svalbard and Jan Mayen - Classic Svalbard

Barentsburg, around 60 km west of Longyearbyen, is a small mining settlement on the shores of the beautiful Grønfjord. The 450 or so mine workers here are employed by the Russian state-owned mining company Trust Arctickugol, which owns both the mine and infrastructure.

Facilities in Barentsburg include a coal-fired power station, hospital, hotel, school, kindergarten, sports and cultural centre. You will also discover a Russian scientific research centre and consulate.
Even the most experienced globetrotters are fascinated by Barentsburg’s stark contrasts with Longyearbyen. You can combine the trip to Barentsburg through pristine Arctic nature with an exciting history, Russian culture, Soviet-era architecture, a visit to the mine, traditional food and exciting entertainment.

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