Galapagos Islands - Islands of The Galapagos

Due south of Santa Cruz, Floreana was the first island to be populated and boasts a colourful history of murder, mystery and intrigue!

On the northern shores, the small village and military base Puerto Velasco Ibarra follow in the footsteps of pirates and brigands who took advantage of the natural spring and etched out living quarters in the volcanic rock. Landing spots include the “green” sandy beach of Punta Cormorant where colourful flamingos bask in brackish lagoons and turtles, herons and stilts nest in the dunes. Close by, Post Office Bay hosts an iconic 18th century postal barrel that enabled whalers and mariners to keep in touch with the outside world. Visitors are still invited to collect and deliver postcards back to their home country. Just off Floreana, the dramatic Devil’s Crown islet offers excellent snorkelling and abounds with tropical fish, reef shark and sea-lions.

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