With gentle sea breezes scented with sweet-smelling jasmine and where the fish you are served is always fresh, Tunisia is an exciting destination where distinct cultures and incredible extremes of the landscape – forested coastlines and the Saharan sand seas in the south meet.

For over 1,250 kilometres of this country’s spectacular coastline, displaying soft sandy beaches, Tunisia is one of the best-known Mediterranean destinations for seaside holidays. The sea stretches out like a grand cerulean mirror; children splash in the shallow waves above striped domes of parasail wings rising high into the sky, windsurfers traverse sparkling water, and the buzz of jet skis along the shoreline are some of Tunisia’s well-kept secrets.

Beneath the waves, reefs and shipwrecks teeming with colourful sea life create a scuba diver’s heaven. Hike in the forested hills sprinkled with pretty wildflowers to rugged desert canyons, mountain trails and protected National Parks

With eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites on offer, Tunisia is home to some of the world’s most outstanding Roman ruins. In the Souks, traders bustle about selling all kinds of unique handmade crafts, and afterwards, relax in a local café or restaurant offering traditional dishes, chilled wines and of course a glass of refreshing lemon juice or mint tea.

With so much to explore, one visit is just never enough!

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