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Sfax is Berber in origin, and some of its histories can still be seen. As you walk down one of the wide promenades, lined with romantic shaped overhead street lights, you see straight in front of you, the imposing orche walls of the enclosed Medina. 

The Medina has only got 6 entrances, each one different from the other. One of the most spectacular is Bab Diwan, with three gates, the oldest dating to the fourteenth century, and in modern times, used as a location for the movie The English Patient.

The old city is alive, people live here, and you will discover streets filled with shops, without all the regular tourist crowd. Visit the port, an essential part of Sfax’s trade and commerce.


Sfax Hotels

$$ Borj Dhiafa Sfax

The charming hotel Borj Dhiafa is ideally located 3 km from the city centre and 4 km from the international airport Sfax-Thyna. Distinguished by the typical architecture of the region, its exterior...

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