High in the hills, authentic and charming Le Kef is one of Tunisia’s most underrated tourist destinations.

The story-book Kasbah that tops the old town offers just part of the saga of Le Kef’s illustrious and proud multicultural history, from the Carthaginian city of Sicca to becoming the provincial capital of Tunisia during WWII, though any semblance of the town’s grandeur now seems long gone.

In the distance, the craggy Atlas Mountains boast stunning panoramas, including, the Ottoman fort in El Kef.

Stroll through the old town, nestled into the cliff face overlooking spectacular valleys. Detect cisterns and Roman baths, and the ancient church dedicated to St Peter, and an eighteenth-century Jewish synagogue honoured by the town’s Muslims. Adjacent is three cemeteries dedicated to Muslim, Jewish and Christians.

Be amazed at El Kef’s iconic monument the Sidi Bou Makhlouf Mausoleum, the octagonal minaret decorated with emerald green ceramic tiles, and ribbed white domes.

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