Tunis is an exciting mix of new and old, including French colonial buildings. The souq and the medina are among the most authentic and hassle-free in North Africa.

On the northern coast, between west and eastern basins of the Mediterranean Sea, Tunis resides on the Lake of Tunis, an inlet of the Gulf of the same name, and is linked with its bustling port, Ḥalq al-Wādī, ten kilometres to the northeast.

The city is divided into the World Heritage Listed, old town, known as the medina, and the new city, or Ville nouvelle in French.

Avenue Habib Bourguiba is the broad boulevard running through the new city from the clock tower to the Cathedral of St Vincent de Paul. It then turns into the Avenue de France, ending at the Place de la Victoire and the Port de France, a large free-standing gate that used to be the entrance to the medina.

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