Tunisia - Saharan Tunisia

The city buzzes on Mondays and Thursdays for the bi-weekly market. Spend a little time, and take a walk out to the nearby Kasr. From this point, the best view over whole Tataouine is waiting for you, as the desert here appears in all its implacable ruggedness.

Exhibiting a large rocky plain opening onto imposing landscapes of desert plateaus, cliffs and rocky spurs.

In this Dante, the setting can be found in the unusual architecture of the Ksour, collective fortified granaries of the Saharan nomads. A region of extraordinary landscapes and historical traditions.

Visit the Museum of the History of the Earth,: here you can see dinosaur fossils and meteorites found in the area.

Taste the semolina bread kesra dipped in virgin olive oils pressed from the village olives, figs or pomegranates freshly picked from the jessour, and honey with the strong fragrance of rosemary and thyme from the mountains

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