Atatürk landed here on the 19th May 1919 to organise the defence of Anatolia. On that day, Samsun acquired another historical dimension. The Atatürk Museum now houses many objects and documents from the past.

There is an equestrian statue honouring the founder of the Turkish Republic standing in a prominent place in the city park. When Amisos was excavated in 1995, the treasure found in a square five-roomed cave carved out of the conglomerate rock is now on display in The Archaeology Museum.

Three of the five grave rooms contained skeletons, while the other two were found to be empty. The pottery, glass, metal and marble artefacts are dated to the 14th century BC, while the gold jewellery to 1000 BC. There are many other excavation sites – Akalan, Tekkeköy and Kaledoruğu, but about sixty-nine different places remain uncovered.

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