Situated at the centre of an essential fruit-growing region and famous for its peaches, silk, towels and thermal springs, invites visitors to take time out to try the locally invented İskender Kebab, a dish of bread, tomato sauce, strips of grilled meat, melted butter and yogurt. Another regional specialty-candied chestnut.

The tour of the city starts on the east side of the town at the Yeşil Türbe or the Green Mausoleum. Set in a beautiful garden and distinguished by its exterior panelling of tiles, this mausoleum embraces the cenotaph of Sultan Mehmet I.

Across the street, the Yeşil Mosque of 1424 reflects the new Ottoman, as opposed to Seljuk, aestheticism. A madrasah nearby completes the complex and is also home to the Ethnography Museum. Before exploring this area, stop for a time and enjoy a glass of tea in one of the traditional tea houses.

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