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  • Exterior, Renuification Express train, Vietnam
  • People on board the Renuification Express train, Vietnam


Reunification Express Train

We get a lot of inquiries from train enthusiasts who would like to travel by train – on board the famous “reunification express” - when travelling the huge length of Vietnam. Whilst we at Oasis Travel are all for train travel where feasible, as we feel it definitely gets you closer to the real country, we do not however recommend the Reunification Eexpress. There are a number of reasons for this.....

  • The beds, although with soft sleeper options, are not comfortable.
  • Food on board is very limited - cabbage and mackerel stew on boiled rice was our experience!
  • Security is an issue as doors often do not lock securely.
  • Much of the journey is done at night so there is no view.
  • Cleanliness is an issue – if you insist on travelling on this train we suggest you bring your own bedding.

This journey is best suited to backpackers and budget travellers. We do not generally recommend it to Oasis Travel clients, however it’s your holiday and we will happily book it for you if you wish, the choice is always yours!