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  • 1.6 km of sandy beach at the Six Senses resort, Con Dao, Vietnam
  • Green turtle, Con Dao, Vietnam
  • Con Son town, Con Dao, Vietnam
  • snorkelling off Con Dao, Vietnam
  • Ocean front villa, Six Senses, Con Dao, Vietnam
  • Hon Ba Island, Con Dao, Vietnam


Con Dao

Con Dao is a chain made up of 16 islands in south east Vietnam. It is best known for its soft golden sand beaches, clear turquoise waters, lush mangrove forests and beautiful coral reefs. Located near to the equator, Con Dao has a warm tropical climate with an average temperature of 27 degrees Celsius and due to the generally calm sea conditions, Con Dao makes a great choice for year round swimming, snorkelling and diving.

Con Dao was recognized as a nature reserve in 1984 and became a national park in 1993. The park is the most important egg-laying area in Vietnam for sea turtles as well as being home to endangered dugong, dolphins, and varieties of orchids found nowhere else in the country.

Con Dao is approximately 230 km from Saigon accessed by a 45 minutes flight.

Con Dao Hotels

$$$$$ Six Senses Con Dao Con Dao

Honeymoon, Luxury, Great Spa, Remote Location

Located on the idyllic Con Son Island, a forty five minute flight from Ho Chi Minh City, the Six Senses Con Dao offers the ultimate luxurious Island experience. When creating the Six Senses Con Dao...

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