Lake Kariba

Zimbabwe - Northern Zimbabwe

Along the Zambezi River lies Lake Kariba, created when a dam was built across the Zambezi in the early sixties to provide hydro-electric power was controversial as many people lost their homes and thousands of animals had to be rescued in something called Operation Noah organized by a man called Rupert Fothergill.

Animals of all species were saved from drowning with many having to be rescued as the waters rose around them. The lake covers an area of 5,000 square kilometers and is a wildlife paradise for crocodile and hippo as well as some of the world’s best fishing, especially tiger fish. On the lakes shore the Matusadona Wildlife Reserve has the highest number of lions per square kilometer of any reserve in the African continent. The most iconic are the fish eagles, who sit in the fossilized trees hunting for fish and whose haunting cry is a sound you will never forget.

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